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Narcan prescriptions in NH Governor Hassan just signed a bill to allow doctors to prescribe Narcan for those at risk of an overdose.

Hassan signs bill allowing Narcan prescriptions | Politics - WMUR
Student nurses and deposition Can a student nurse be called for deposition? Absolutely. Anyone can be called for a deposition.

Comment: Yes. Being a student doesn't protect you from legal action; hence why most nursing
staffing What are the nurse /patient ratios around the country for inpatient surgical/orthopedic units and how do you staff for 8-12 surgical patients that are coming without starting the day with
Is Nursing All About Stress? Whereas, I can appreciate your article.. the bottom line is nurses are CONSTANTLY bombarded with stressors from all angles.Nursing brings a unique level of anxiety. The solutions you propose will not
Job interview...waiting... I had a job interview last week for community nursing which I would love to get! I work pt on Surgical and casual on OB at our local hospital. I applied to the community nursing after two coworkers
Weird Job Shadowing Experience 1 So I am still fairly new to AN, so if I do something wrong please let me know what it is and how to fix it.

So I have been looking for a nursing position for approximately 10 months. In
This week I have learned... (5/30/15) 27 This week I have learned.....

1. Cocaine is still a hell of a drug.
2. No matter how nice you are to everyone, there will be an "us vs. them" vibe between hospital
Open mouth insert foot... 16 We have all had a time in our lives where the most unfortunate things have come out of our mouths, and a coworker of mine had one recently, that while it caused an immediate cringe, could be
Forged name in nursing home Last night i was in our unit at work and my DON approached me wanting me to sign off on a treatment i didn't do or wasn't even there on i told her i didn't work that day and i wouldnt an aide
Nurse Corps Loan repayment 2015 Hi all,

Has anyone heard anything yet? Im a NP, Tier 1, debt/income ratio 90%, no news yet ... I had this for 3 years, finished my commitment in 2013. People heard from July all the way
Should I apply for permanent residency to another state? Hi everyone!

I am sorry if there's another thread to answer this question, but I was hoping to get some insight and advice from anyone that has gone through a similar situation?

RN after PhD? I finished my PhD in Molecular Biology a few years ago studying immunosuppressant drug toxicity in transplant patients. After doing a postdoc for a year I left research, because, well I hate
Copying MARs Hi, I currently work in LTC. I have an ongoing issue with a resident's family members constantly coming to the facility over nights when medical records is out & demanding a copy of the MAR or to
My First Vent 4 This is my first vent on allnurses, I just had an awful shift where I only got to sit for about 30 minutes out of 14 hours, didn't get to pee, and my feet feel like death and my mind is numb from
rn pharmacolgy exam Welcome to, the world's largest nursing peer to peer network on the world wide web. What, specifically, would you like to know about 'pharmacology exam'? If you can
Med/Surg or ER for a new graduate I recently graduated from nursing school and I'm not quite sure which path to follow.I'm a decisive person but at this point I feel very indecisive and I am seeking your advice.
I know working
Positive Affirmation: Healing or Hogwash? I'm still recovering from an accident and I'm told by my doctor and therapist that my maximum obtainable recovery will be 80%. Yet a colleague is into visualization and positive affirmation, and
You will all probably hate me for this 35 ...But I just have to say:

So many of you are amazing people and nurses. The time you put in responding to posts on Allnurses really does make a difference.


IPN issues- 2015 I was employed at a hospital January 2012- August 2014. I have 8 years experience as an RN, with NO issues. I was working as charge RN on PCU ( critical care unit), having worked my way up from staff
Well Isn't This Special 6 Discuss!

OMG, WTH?! %^&$%*^&(&(*(!!

Comment: W-T-H. Just use the damn call light given in the room! Nobody has time to be answering the freakin' phone or email